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Francisco A. Godoy-Figueroa

GIS and Data Management Consultant:

  • Experience in the design and implementation of effective GIS-based solutions for environmental and urban planning projects.
  • Communicator who excels in leading multidisciplinary project teams to make the best strategic decisions based on data.
Francisco A. Godoy-Figueroa


GIS Expertise: An expert in GIS, adept at distilling complex geographic data into actionable insights. Specializes in spatial analysis, cartography, and geospatial data management, enhancing decision-making in environmental science, urban planning, and resource management. Employs industry-leading GIS tools to steer policy and strategy, with continuous learning sustaining cutting-edge deliverables.

Data Management Skills: Excels in protecting data integrity, ensuring its availability and security. Develops strong governance frameworks, deploys efficient storage, and upholds high data quality and standards. Boosts data workflows and insights, advancing strategic decisions and augmenting research and operations across organizations.

Bioinformatics Expertise: Showcases bioinformatics proficiency, analyzing large-scale genomics and metagenomics data. Applies computational and molecular biology know-how to extract significant findings for research advancement and experimental validation.


Bioinformatician, Lab of Development and Evolution,
Dept of Cell Biology , Fac of Biological Sc

Universidad de Concepcion April 2013 – March 2023 (10 years)

RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, and ATAC-seq analyses were performed on developing skeletal cells of Xenopus tropicalis. Computational methods were applied to examine gene expression, pinpoint genetic markers, and elucidate regulatory pathways. This work informed experimental design and enhanced genomic understanding in developmental biology.

Data Manager, FONDAP-COPAS Oceanographic Research Center
Universidad de Concepcion Oct 2005 – Jan 2013 (7 years 4 months)

Designed and monitored purchasing and equipment plans for six scientific research laboratories, executing efficient procurement strategies. Managed and implemented specialized scientific databases, enhancing laboratory data infrastructure. Developed and maintained web modules for the COPAS website and intranet, utilizing MySQL, PHP, and AJAX, and played a key role in implementing the DiGIR data provider for the OBIS project, broadening data accessibility.

Part time Teacher,
Department of Informatics and Computer Sciences

Universidad de Concepcion January 1994 – December 2005 (12 years)

Taught Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analysis, Computer Systems Projects, Software Engineering, and C Programming Language courses for the Computer Science Engineering degree.

Head of the Laboratory of Informatics and Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) Centro EULA
Universidad de Concepcion January 1995 – December 1996 (2 years)

Management of team operations, coordination of staff schedules, oversight of paper cartographic and digital GIS output, and collaboration with external interdisciplinary teams.


M.Sc., Computer Science (1999 – 2003)
Civil Engineer, Engineer (1983 – 1990)
Universidad de Concepción

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Spanish (Native or Bilingual)
English (Professional Working)

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Geometric Modeling


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